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If you’ve had your amplifier repaired/upgraded or you made a purchase from me, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. This way you’re not only helping me, but others as well to choose a service that helps them best. Thank you.

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  1. Andrew Austen says:

    Stoyan is extremely helpful, and provides a wealth of information to assist in checking your equipment, packing it securely and sending it for repair, which makes the whole process very easy and painless. There is even advice on which courier to use and the best way to book the service.

    I was offered a range of options for the repairs which I thought were very reasonably priced.

    My amplifier is now working very well and I know I can contact Stoyan again should I encounter any problems in the future. He has even sent links with information regarding the best use of the equipment.

    A friendly, informative, helpful and comprehensive service which I would certainly recommend.

  2. Stoyan, thank you for repairing my “Quake”sub. Its not something you normally repair due to the nature these subs tend to fail. However, you asked me to send it to & you’d take a look. Well not only did you repair it, you managed to give it an upgrade. I Forgot just how important a sub was to the quality of a surround sound system. Fantastic sound again. It may have taken a while for it to be repaired, but it was worth the wait.

  3. Dan Cochran says:

    I cannot recommend Stoyan and his KEF repair service highly enough. He kept me informed of all developments and advised me as to the best course of action to take- his service is professional. expert and excellent value.
    Thanks to Stoyan, my KEF system has many more years of explosive listening ahead!
    Cheers Stoyan. 👍

  4. Will (from eBay) says:

    This is an incredibly professional service — correspondence and advice throughout, from a proper professional expert. Would highly recommend.

  5. Colin Hook says:

    Very pleased to have found this service. Stoyan repaired my Kef sub woofer and its blasting! So nice to find knowledgeable people who can repair these items saving the planet and resources, and he is a very helpful and caring person giving you a full explanation of options. I will not hesitate to recommend the service to friends so 100% yes.

  6. Paul (from eBay) says:

    Great seller. Great Comms. Many thanks. Fixed an item that couldn’t be fixed in 3 months by a company with 50 years experience. Need I say more.

  7. Adrian Mills says:

    I found the service through an internet search. Stoyan repaired my twenty year old KEF PSW2000 subwoofer, clearly explaining the options (basic repair/upgrade) . Really excellent, professional service with clear guidance throughout and very fair prices. Highly recommended and it is gratifying to keep otherwise perfectly good equipment working, rather than to have to throw it away.

  8. dean milne says:

    stoyan has done an excellent job of repairing my
    marantz cd 17 ki signature cd player which required a couple of new
    gears for the tray assembly,it now operates very smoothly,
    top job,
    many thanks!

  9. Geoff says:

    Stoyan did a great job and fixed the sub-woofer. He also gave good advice during the process. thanks!

  10. David Hill says:

    Super service. KEF KUBE-1 woofer amp circuit repaired and working better than ever. Highly recommended.

  11. Kevin Taylor says:

    A fantastic professional service from Stoyan,I highly recommend,always available to answer any questions in a friendly manner he really knows his trade.Very pleased with my recent subwoofer repair at a good price.Thank you Stoyan.

  12. dean says:

    stoyan has provided an excellent service on my audiolab 8000a
    amplifier and repair to my marantz cd63mkii cd player, explains all
    work carried out and at a very reasonable cost,highly recommended,
    many thanks !

  13. John Goodman says:

    After reading all Stoyans feed back page its very difficult add anything as its all been said before. He has been the most helpful engineer I have dealt with and is very committed to providing the best service possible to his customers.

    I cant thank him enough for the repair to my Kef PSW 3000 Sub base woofer well worth having the upgrade he offered and at a reasonable price.

    I have no hesitation in recommending him to any one in the future

    J Goodman

  14. Robin says:

    My KEF PSW 2000 was pretty sick but came across KEFRepair.crazypc website, brilliant, really helpful, informative.

    Sent them an enquiry and was contacted by Stoyan. Great guy, knows his KEF products good advice. Sent off my speaker circuit board not only did he diagnosed the problem but also identified a few components that would be good to upgrade.

    The unit is now all fixed and up and running again and sounding great.

  15. Tony Richards says:

    Bought my Kef PSW2500 back in 2005 (along with 5 x KHT5005’s) – the sub was first repaired by Kef under warranty in 2010. When the sub had a repeat of the same problem recently I asked Kef if they would repair it but they stated that they no longer offered repairs for this model, so I searched online and am so glad that I found Stoyan.

    I have always loved the sound of my Kef speaker system and being gloss piano black they also look great too being stunning pieces of furniture, so I definitely wanted to keep what I already had rather than buy a replacement (at great cost).

    Stoyan was not only able to offer a reasonably priced repair but when he explained the shortcomings of the original cheap Chinese circuitry (shame on Kef really) and was able to offer an upgrade with higher quality components which would improve and elongate the life of the unit for just a little more cost, then it was not a difficult decision to make.

    It is also worth noting that it became very obvious to me after speaking with Stoyan that he is highly skilled in these arts and he is therefore a rare find these days, so I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him for any similar repair work. I am also equally certain that his used units for sale are of the highest quality and have no doubt that they are worth every penny.

    Finally, apart from him being so good at what he does, he is a very decent chap to deal with, providing excellent customer service and a pleasure to know. I always had every confidence in him once I had contacted him, despite my initial hesitance because of him being home-based rather than being based in a shop (so what I have come to realise). He certainly deserves every success – I have always been a good judge of character and I was certainly lucky to have found him.

    So basically, don’t hesitate, just use him – bear in mind that he is in such high demand that it might take a little longer than you expected fora repair – but worth it in the end.

  16. First class’ best describes my experience of this service. My KEF sub developed a constant buzzing sound a few years ago, and as a result had been turned off since. With more spare time this year, I decided to research getting it fixed, or buying a replacement if I couldn’t get it repaired. Contacted local KEF suppliers who said the parts needed for repair had been discontinued and it couldn’t be fixed, but they could of course sell me a comparable replacement. Then I came across Stoyan’s site. From the extensive and detailed info on the site it was evident that if the sub was repairable, Stoyan could fix it. Communication was detailed and simple to understand, with tutorial on how to take the sub apart, courier services available and ratings of their reliability, right down to how to package the sub for freight – everything is covered there. Communication to Stoyan was met with prompt responses, detailed info, and very reasonable costs. I opted for the full upgrade, which was less than 20% of the cost of a comparable new replacement. My sub arrived back from London within 2 days of completion, and has now been set up and is working perfectly again. One of the best services I’ve experienced, to the point that I don’t don’t do reviews, but this service was so good that it deserved a review.
    I hope that many others avail of this class service offering. Very well done Stoyan, and thank you.

  17. Rich says:

    Hi I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the work undertaken on my KEF PSW2000, I’d had it over 15 years when it stopped working, a quick google brought me to this site where I carried out the tests to see if it was repairable, a few emails later and I packaged the amplifier part off to Stoyan for repair. Communication was quick and detailed, I had a few options to fix the issue with the top option including replacing parts that could cause future issues as they were known to fail. I have to say the whole process was simple, communication great, he obviously knows his stuff, even pointing out the unit had previously been repaired before (which t had as it had gone back to KEF within weeks of initial purchase). It’s now back wth me and has been tsted on a few bass heavy films and is back sound as good if not better than new. Highly recommended both in terms of value for money and that recycling is a good thing!

  18. Paul says:

    Had my Kef sub repaired. Found this service by chance on eBay and am pleased that I did. Plenty of information was provided and communication was excellent. I was offered a range of repair and upgrade options at good prices. Great to have the sub upgraded and working again. Would definitely recommend. Thanks

  19. Viran Patel says:

    Great service by Stoyan.

    Communication was brilliant from the get-go. He explained the procedure and the services he offered and the whole process went smoothly. I received two working subwoofers again!

    Super knowledgable guy, he really knows his stuff so you won’t be disappointed when using his repair services.

    Thanks again!

  20. Stephen James O'Mara says:

    Fantastic service, highly recommended. Super!

  21. Alistair Bell says:

    Fantastic service, especially considering the difficult times we currently find ourselves in thanks to Covid 19. Repair and upgrade was undertaken promptly upon receipt of my amp and various options and honest opinions were offered as to the correct course of action with the repair. Fantastic, friendly service, have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending.

  22. Boris Cousins says:

    Fantastic, friendly, fast service. Highly recommended. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

  23. Stoyan has been a dream. Knows his stuff, incredible comms and sharing of information. Reasonably priced and efficient. Can’t recommend him enough. Like many hifi enthusiasts it’s so nice to be able to have a piece of kit fixed rather than just replaced. Thanks Stoyan.


  24. Nigel says:

    Just echo what everyone else has said. If you have a problem with your KEF Sub, Stoyan will sort it very professionally. Very please, thanks.

  25. David S says:

    Stoyan did a really professional job repairing my PSW1000 which had blown the power module. It’s now been fixed, upgraded and working better than it did when new.

    Really good communication and advice every step of the way. Stoyan is a great electronics engineer with a real passion and expertise in KEF speakers. Thoroughly recommended.

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