SERVICE ADDRESS CHANGE: this service has moved from London, SW16 to Kent, TN25

How to Send for Repair

1. Remove the Amplifier Plate

To minimise the cost of postage and for easier packaging, send the amplifier module only . It’s very easy to dismantle, if you haven’t yet done this, you can find detailed information on how to do that for various KEF subwoofer models on this page – Removing Amplifier Plate 

Unless specifically requested, please do not send any other accessories, such as power leads, signal cables, etc.

2. Check the Speaker

Before you send the amplifier module, you can easily verify that your speaker is OK, as if the speaker has failed, being the most expensive part, in many cases won’t be cost effective to repair at all. For more info on how to test the speaker, please click here. If the speaker appears to be OK, just pack the amp safely and post to us – for post address details click here. 

3. Pack safely and send

Keep in mind that the parcel could be dropped at some time during transit as the courier companies often use conveyor belt systems, so take the necessary precautions when packing. Use big enough box and plenty of padding – if the amplifier is snug fit in the box, it’s not big enough. DO NOT use Amazon boxes, these are very thin for the weight of the amplifier. One exception are Amazon Wine boxes – perfect 🙂 Some packaging examples here.

Please remember – the amplifier will need to be returned to you and the packaging needs to be reusable, take note of parcel’s dimensions and weight, you’d need them for return shipping. I can also offer to safely repack your serviced amplifier at cost.

For return postage to you after repair or diagnostic has been completed, usually the best way would be if you book your preferred courier service, as the amplifier is your property and should the parcel be lost or damaged in transit, you will be the one to receive any compensation claim. You can do that after repair is completed.

For couriers info and service update, please see here