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If you’ve had your amplifier repaired/upgraded or you made a purchase from me, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. This way you’re not only helping me, but others as well to choose a service that helps them best. Thank you.

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  1. Tom Gardner says:

    Friendly, knowledgeable, honest, (unlike my experience elsewhere). Stoyan will give you all you need to know in order to make an informed decision. You will get a free full report giving costed options for various levels of repair This was for a full service on my Marantz PM66 KI – a first class experience all the way.

  2. Paul says:

    Absolutely excellent service – Fast, friendly and efficient

    I found Stoyan’s website while Googling for a replacement set of capacitors for my PSW1000.2 and was so impressed both with the website and with Stoyan’s rapid response to my email that I decided to take up his offer of a diagnose-and-repair service.

    It turned out my PSW didn’t have the “usual” fault and it required much, much longer time on the test bench.

    Stoyan kept me informed and offered a range of solutions including an upgrade of all the components which could possibly fail.

    All in all, I was extremely satisfied with the service I received and would recommend it without hesitation to anyone else with a poorly PSW

    Lots of great, clear information on this website too.

  3. Martyn says:

    I found this service via Google and must say I was very satisfied with the communication and service received. Stoyan is clearly a specialist in this area not a generalist electronic repair service. That is hard to find these days.
    Therefore the confidence in the service and advice given is so much higher. I got my KEF Kube 1 repaired easily and quickly.

  4. Arul says:

    The professionalism, service and courtesy Stoyan provides is truly unmatched by anything I have experienced: Stoyan gets my highest possible recommendation.

    KEF Kube MK2 failing to power up was resolved in a couple of days with excellent support and communication throughout.

  5. Brian Wiseman says:

    Great service, lots of communication keeping me informed of progress and excellent return packaging (new service) giving me back an “old friend”. Many thanks Stoyan.

  6. James WIlson says:

    KEF PSW2500 amp repaired. Very good service and honest communication (especially regarding technical options, costs and timing). Highly recommended, well worth the wait.

  7. Peter Neilson says:

    Diagnosed & Fixed & Upgraded returned within a week works better than before 100% Recommend .Thanks Stoyan

  8. Alan Layton says:

    As noted in other reviews, it takes a while to get the amplifier repaired but this probably down to the number of customers using this repairer.

    Communication was great and the amp is now back up and running after paying a fair price for the repair and upgrades.

    A great service and very much worth the wait.

  9. James says:

    The repair took a while because Stoyan is so busy. However I think the reason he is busy is because he does such a good job so is in great demand.

  10. Vince House says:

    All the reviews are here for good reason.

    My KEF PSW2500 started buzzing and I came across Stoyan through eBay. I boxed up the amp (not the casing with speaker), sent it to Stoyan and he confirmed receipt. He diagnosed the issue and gave me a breakdown of what was needed with different options.

    Stoyan was/is busy, but he kept me up to date and it was definitely worth waiting for.

    I collected the amp in person. It was nice to meet Stoyan and go through the work he had completed. Thoroughly recommend using this service if you have a problematic subwoofer.

  11. Neil Robinson says:

    As usual, a great service from Stoyan. Diagnosis and repair all top notch.

  12. Vaughn Stoman says:

    Very good communication and service – highly recommended

  13. Paul Ferguson says:

    Excellent service. A repair and upgrde of all components that could possibly fail.
    Really pleased.

  14. Paul Perrie says:

    I sent my amp to Stoyan for repair as it was humming all the time. He initially couldn’t find a fault but persevered and discovered and repaired it. I was offered upgrades which I took as the amp’s getting on a bit. All in all a brilliant service and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

  15. Peter Anderton says:

    Fantastic repair my KEF subwoofer is as good as (and perhaps even better) than new. I also sent a second subwoofer that was found to be working perfectly. It was tested and diagnosed free of charge. What great service. I highly recommend.

  16. Leo (from eBay) says:

    Very satisified with the service. I got a detailed analysis of the problem and several options to fix it within several days. The actual repair took somewhat longer, due to a big backlog, but in my case this did not matter too much, as the amplifier had been broken and gathering dust for several years anyway. Seller responded quickly to email. Recommended service, especially since KEF no longer repairs these units (due to unavailability of components, they claim)

  17. Paul Walsh says:

    My 17 year old KEF Subwoofer started making a buzzing sound – a common problem apparently. Stoyen did a superb job in communication, great quality of work and price. It’s simple to take apart ship and get returned. I opted for a full service with lots of parts replaced even the ones still working. Plumbed it back in last night and sounds awesome – for less than £100 hopefully another number of years for great quality at a price far lower than any replacement

  18. A Watts says:

    A Google search that turned out to be well worth contacting Stoyan as he and his website provided a wealth of information to check my speaker and how to send it for repair. This made the whole process very easy and painless. He even provides advice on selecting a courier to use to collect.

    Once he had assessed my speaker Stoyan offered a range of options for fixing/upgrading my speaker which I thought were very reasonably priced.

    Stoyan communicated well and was honest about timescales. It was well worth the wait as I think that my speaker is now working as well if not better than when I bought it.
    Thank you Stoyan.

  19. Paul (from eBay) says:

    Simply brilliant. Good comms and great repair. Busy when got my KEF repaired but comms were spot on and all options explained. Recommended.

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