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If you’ve had your amplifier repaired/upgraded or you made a purchase from me, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. This way you’re not only helping me, but others as well to choose a service that best suits them. Thank you.

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84 comments on “Feedback
  1. Rich says:

    Hi I just wanted to say a big thank-you for the work undertaken on my KEF PSW2000, I’d had it over 15 years when it stopped working, a quick google brought me to this site where I carried out the tests to see if it was repairable, a few emails later and I packaged the amplifier part off to Stoyan for repair. Communication was quick and detailed, I had a few options to fix the issue with the top option including replacing parts that could cause future issues as they were known to fail. I have to say the whole process was simple, communication great, he obviously knows his stuff, even pointing out the unit had previously been repaired before (which t had as it had gone back to KEF within weeks of initial purchase). It’s now back wth me and has been tsted on a few bass heavy films and is back sound as good if not better than new. Highly recommended both in terms of value for money and that recycling is a good thing!

  2. Paul says:

    Had my Kef sub repaired. Found this service by chance on eBay and am pleased that I did. Plenty of information was provided and communication was excellent. I was offered a range of repair and upgrade options at good prices. Great to have the sub upgraded and working again. Would definitely recommend. Thanks

  3. Viran Patel says:

    Great service by Stoyan.

    Communication was brilliant from the get-go. He explained the procedure and the services he offered and the whole process went smoothly. I received two working subwoofers again!

    Super knowledgable guy, he really knows his stuff so you won’t be disappointed when using his repair services.

    Thanks again!

  4. Stephen James O'Mara says:

    Fantastic service, highly recommended. Super!

  5. Alistair Bell says:

    Fantastic service, especially considering the difficult times we currently find ourselves in thanks to Covid 19. Repair and upgrade was undertaken promptly upon receipt of my amp and various options and honest opinions were offered as to the correct course of action with the repair. Fantastic, friendly service, have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending.

  6. Boris Cousins says:

    Fantastic, friendly, fast service. Highly recommended. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again.

  7. Stoyan has been a dream. Knows his stuff, incredible comms and sharing of information. Reasonably priced and efficient. Can’t recommend him enough. Like many hifi enthusiasts it’s so nice to be able to have a piece of kit fixed rather than just replaced. Thanks Stoyan.


  8. Nigel says:

    Just echo what everyone else has said. If you have a problem with your KEF Sub, Stoyan will sort it very professionally. Very please, thanks.

  9. David S says:

    Stoyan did a really professional job repairing my PSW1000 which had blown the power module. It’s now been fixed, upgraded and working better than it did when new.

    Really good communication and advice every step of the way. Stoyan is a great electronics engineer with a real passion and expertise in KEF speakers. Thoroughly recommended.

  10. Neil Lobley says:

    Had my PSW2010 repaired that is 22 years old. Decided on a full upgrade of all potential ageing parts replaced. The system now sound loads better, as good as new, if not better. Very good professional service.

  11. Simon Haigh says:

    Very professional, helpful, competent service at a fair price, repaired a subwoofer and also a Quad pre-amp for me. I can’t recommend Stoyan highly enough.

  12. Mike says:

    Stoyan has proved to be a knowledgeable and provide clear advice/diagnosis and for me this led to a great repair on a beast of a subwoofer KEF PSW-5000. I thoroughly recommend his work!

  13. Lee Colman says:

    I asked Stoyan to repair my Kube 1, which had completely failed and then a week later perform a full upgrade service on my PSW2500. Both amps have now been returned and are in perfect health. Communication with Stoyan was superb and I can not recommend this service enough. Stoyan is a true professional.

  14. Kevin Muir says:

    Used this Guy after finding him on some threads back in jan -feb 2019.Posted my subwoofer pcb to london from Scotland. No dramas at all went for the full overhaul & upgrade of suspect components of the Kef PSW 2010.
    Bloody Marvellous job

  15. Teg Badhan says:

    So pleased that I stumbled across Stoyan for my sub repair. He was able to quickly assess what the problem was, provided me a range of options to consider, instructions to pack and send were an added bonus, to top it it off guidance to prevent the issue again. can’t ask for more.
    Great, honest and professional service.

  16. john tierney says:

    From start to finish Stoyan has been very helpful and professional. Very clear instructions and pricing, very responsive on e-mail and the repaired AMP turned up on time and now sounds better than when i first bought it all for a ridiculously low price. Strongly recommend him

  17. RogerD says:

    Stoyan is TOTALLY professional in the quality of his work, and is extremely helpful and well informed about all aspects of the KEF 2010. He has given me information which I had had no knowledge and although my subwoofer and surround sound system is some 18 years old, only now, thanks to Stoyan, have I been able to set it up correctly. Absolutely recommended!!!!

  18. Tony Hart says:

    what an excellent service from a very helpful man from start to finish he puts your mind at rest and i will tell others about you.
    thank you very much..
    tony hart

  19. Carlos says:

    Just collected my KEF PSW2000 Subwoofer speaker from Stoyan fully reinstated and working. I have had this unit for nearly 16 years and it suddenly started buzzing loudly as soon as it was switched on. I found Stoyan from a Google search. He is very knowledgeable and has been extremely helpful. He repaired it successfully and thoroughly. He offered a total overhaul service plus repair which I thought worthwhile. Stoyan has been a great find and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend him. He is also a very nice person to deal with.

  20. Kevin W. says:

    My Kef PSW2000 stopped working, found this site on Google an glad I did, he is excellent he gave me option on how to send it to him, plus he confirms it arrives, plus he found problem within days and give you option on how you want it fixed, prices are very reasonable, had it back in and up and working within the week cannot fault that service
    Great to see good people still care about what they do

    Many thanks top man

  21. Michael Stirrup says:

    My sub was buzzing. KEF could not help and a new one was black (so not matching my silver ‘egg’ speakers), and expensive. Mr Monev was brilliant. It’s now back and working, and hopefully future-proofed, and that’s what’s most important. But it’s all the other stuff that’s so impressive from how to disconnect it through to how to look after it properly. And the service and updates are terrific. Thank you.

  22. T Potter says:

    Having bought a Kef 2010 from ebay I was dissapointed when it arrived faulty. Luckily I came across Kef repairs in my Google travels. I contact Mr Monev and to say it was a smooth process would be an understatement. The website is exceptionally helpful and transparent. The service and prices quoted was exceptionally. Would wholeheartedly recommend this service. I now have a fully functioning sub for a very reasonable price. Thanks indeed.

  23. Terry W says:

    I am really impressed with the service I have received from Mr Monev. He did a full upgrade of an old 2010 and made a great job of it. It sounds excellent.

    There was a little problem to deal with it when I got it back from him but he was really keen to help and soon had the problem sorted.

    He does a good job and is really helpful. I can recommend him.

  24. Roger Tibbles says:

    Just had my PSW2000 returned after repair and upgrade.
    Great service, communications and work.
    All went smoothly and speaker now better than new – all working great.
    Also get helpful advice on all aspects – packing,diagnostics,setting up etc..
    Hardest part is packing the amplifier and arranging courier – get advice on this as well.
    Very happy and highly recommended.

  25. Marc G says:

    After a prolonged period without my PSW2000 I contacted Stoyan to see if anything could be done to get it repaired. After a detailed analysis and review of what was needed I was presented with 3 options and prices for the repair. Needless to say that my sub is now in perfect working order.

    The level of service provided was second to none. Great communication, care and attention to detail and I can 100% recommended his service!

    Keep up the good work and I’ll definitely be in touch if I have any other electronic devices that need fixing.


  26. Bobby C says:

    Received my PSW2010 amp back today, all working great. The level of service Stoyan provided was second to none, from initial contact, to the detailed work carried out and prompt repair and return. A very professional and rare customer service. Highly recommended for your Kef repair or any other electronic issue.

    Many Thanks

  27. Marshall Muirhead says:

    Thank you for the repair to my KEF sub-woofer. A prompt & efficient service and now back home working, 10 out of 10.

  28. Graham D says:

    A pleasure to deal with someone who goes beyond being helpful.
    Always prompt in keeping me informed about what was happening with my repair.
    Cannot recommend highly enough.
    Amp now working like new.

  29. Chris Towes says:

    Fantastic service, very knowledgable, repaired and advised of upgrades to prevent future problems.

    Very quick repair time.
    Thank you.

  30. Owain says:

    Highly recommend this service. Very responsive on email, informative, great service and the sub works like new again.

  31. Justin says:

    Thanks very much for fixing my subwoofer, and for the quick service, and for all the information you provided. It works like new again. I would highly recommend your repair service to others.

  32. Abdul Sharbudeen says:

    Top guy, top service. Knows exactly what he is doing and no guess work. Would recommend every time.

  33. Robert says:

    My Kef subwoofer had been out of action for some time. I found Mr Monev through Google and quickly established that he should be able to help me. He recommended a source for comparing couriers and I quickly had my subwoofer with him.

    He speedily diagnosed my problem and gave me a selection of repair and upgrade options. Then quickly had it back to me with a PDF of useful connection tips.

    Great service and friendly emails. I’d highly recommend this service.

    Thanks very much, sir.

  34. Ashley Snowdon says:

    Wow, what a service. Couldn’t believe how professional it was.

    Very quick at responding to my emails. Always replied with a smile. An absolute gent.

    I opted for the full upgrade service and couldn’t believe how many bits were changed. You get these back with your sub.

    Such a pleasure to do business with and so simple. I now have my sub back in perfect working order.

    Thank you!

  35. Mark Salisbury says:

    So pleased to have my sub up and running again , brilliant and speedy service all round . If you need your KEF sub repairing or upgrading look no further .

  36. Ian Douglas says:

    I appreciate that it is always difficult to make a judgement about any service you have not used before so I hope this review will help someone make a wise and informed choice.

    As a summary, I can say that the service provided by KEF Repair Service is utterly professional, meticulous, reliable, customer centred and trustworthy! All rare qualities for a service I discovered via Google. As a bonus the cost is very reasonable as well!

    In the last 10 years I have twice had to repair my Celestion S10 subwoofer. The first time I sent it back to Celestion. On the second occasion I used KEF Repair Service so I do have a point of comparison. I would not hesitate to use KEF Repair Service again and can recommend them to you without hesitation or qualification.

    I received good advice prior to sending the control panel and once I had decided to use KRS at every stage of the repairs progress I was kept informed. I was fortunate in being able to have the unit dropped off and collected rather than using a courier although this did require a bit of extra coordinating however, excellent communication from KFS made this a painless process.

    Before the repair I received full details of the diagnostics and suggestions as to any parts that could benefit from being upgraded. All costs were detailed. No payment was required until completion. After the repair I was emailed confirmation of what had been done together with a photo of the clearly faulty part, in addition, all the old parts that had been upgraded from the mother board were included in the packaging with the repaired unit. I also received some excellent advice as to how to care for the sub going forward to prevent any unnecessary stress on internal components.

    If part of your cherished system fails you want to know that you are making the right choice when it comes to getting it fixed, KEF Repair Service gave me that peace of mind and if you take advantage of Mr Monev’s skill and knowledge he will do the same for you!

    From beginning to end nothing short of brilliant!

  37. Matt Cunnell says:

    I found this site using Google search, and have to say I have been so impressed by the efficiency, quality and promptness of communications and overall repair service. My Kef PSW 1000 is now back up and running and sounding as good as it ever did. A very reasonable charge for the work done, and with useful hints to give the unit the maximum possible life. Many thanks, Matt.

  38. Antony Moran says:

    Excellent service throughout, PSW 2010 amp repaired and upgraded.
    Very professional from beginning to end. Many thanks.

  39. H says:

    Hi, I just received my Kef PSW2500 amp back today after only 5 days of dropping it off. Set it up and works absolutely perfectly after quite a while out of service.

    Great service all round and goes into detail on what needs doing etc. Very helpful.

    A contact that will be saved for sure and highly recommended.

    Thank you kindly.

  40. Bob Hazel says:

    A very rare thing in our ‘throwaway’ world, someone with the skills and will to actually repair something.
    My KEF PSW2000 sub was repaired/upgraded to better than new, quick service with excellent communication throughout.
    Highly recommended.

  41. Nick Iribar says:

    Cannot recommend this service highly enough. Communication was exceptional and my Sub was repaired and upgraded in under a week. Thanks once again.

  42. Andy M says:

    It was a pleasure to deal with Mr Monev, and I join the list of customers whose expectations were surpassed by his high quality repair work, excellent customer service and friendly advice.

    I look forward to using his services again in future.

  43. Ian Clifford says:

    Stoyan is brilliant at fixing these subs.

    He communicates in detail and quickly to make sure you know how to get the amp out of your sub and delivered to him.

    He then advises on the repair and carries it out faultlessly.

    Perfect job.


  44. Martin Griffiths says:

    Mr Monev’s service and servicing is superb – and I could not be happier with the end result. From advice regarding shipping to full explanations about suggested repairs, options and how to set my sub (PSW2010) back up. I cannot fault the experience, and I’m so pleased to get my sub back up and running and my system sounding wonderful again.

    Thank you Mr Monev – it’s been a pleasure and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services.

  45. Grant Hill says:

    I have just received my kef psw2010 subwoofer back and everything is working fine. I found dealing with Mr Monev fantastic.everything was explained from sending the item to the problem,repair,and sending the unit back.brillant service and now i have a smile on my face again…i even went through all my settings too give my system a “spring clean”So thank you once again.

  46. Neil Povey says:

    I have just received my subwoofer back and everything is working fine. I found dealing with Mr Monev very easy. He offered a professional service which I can not fault. He was very helpful with any questions I had before sending my sub to him and he kept me informed every step through the repair procedure. I would highly recommend Mr Monev and am going to keep hold of his details should I need his services again in the future. Thank you so much for a first class service.

  47. Excellent service throughout, really cannot recommend this enough.
    Communication was spot on, with advice and support all the way through.
    My amp is now back up and running better than before, with a new lease of life – and the house foundations are rocking again!
    My only wish is that I had found this sooner…

  48. Anthony says:

    First class service: excellent communication throughout, great value for money and very speedy. My sub is back in perfect working condition which is great news, and a far better solution than investing in a new sub. My only wish is that I’d found this service sooner, having spent ages thinking about buying a replacement! Very happy to recommend and thank you.

  49. Andy Palmer says:

    Mr Monev was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable on the subs he is offering repairs to.
    I didn’t realise how bad my sub had gotten until I upgraded to a 7.4.2 system and my bought a second sub-woofer PS2010 ( identical to my original faulty sub ) it thumped out the bass, this was when I realised how awful my original sub sounded.
    Because of this I sought out to find a repairer rather than a replacement.
    Now its full of life again and sounds great
    I’m glad I found this service, it was a very quick and economical repair to the fault I had.
    I would highly recommend Mr Monev to anyone who needed a repair to their beloved equipment.
    I now have two sub-woofers thumping out bass, I am a very pleased chap, not sure how the neighbours are going to feel over the upcoming weeks tho’!

    Thanks again Mr Monev

  50. Carl Coleman says:

    Highly Recommended, Am really pleased with the level of communication throughout, help with couriers, and updates throughout the process. On return of my Amp I was also impressed to see a return of all old parts removed, I have been extremely pleased throughout and have to say the Amp sounds great now its fixed. Many thanks.

  51. Andy Varcoe says:

    Excellent repair and upgrade to my Celestion S8 subwoofer amp. There was really annoying background noise which another engineering failed to repair and I was ready to scrap it! Thanks so much for an excellent repair carried out out very quickly! Highly recommended!

  52. Charles Fraser says:

    Mr Monev is the John Lewis of HiFi repair.
    Great communications and offered a number of repair/ upgrade options.
    My KEF PSW2500 was buzzing; Diagnosed and repaired with a few days.

  53. Gary barnett says:

    Thanks so much for a great repair job and upgrade on my kef psw 2010 sounds great…Gary b

  54. kevin morcombe says:

    i shipped my faulty kef psw 2010 active sub in for repair i contacted mr monev about my problem so i shipped it off to him .
    couple of days later i was contacted about fault i was took the repair and upgrades to amp and power supply got a excellent price on upgrade and repair got i arranged to have amp picked up by parcelforce returned a couple of days later with removed defective components in a bag there was abut 10 pieces. i had a look at amp a couple of changes upgraded power supply amd amp components .it was a pleasure to deal with will use again if needed and will be recomending service to friends and family if needed thank you for excellent service regards kevin

  55. Jason K says:

    Excellent service, my PSW 2010 was returned today and works fine

  56. Garry says:

    Just to let everyone know what a FANTASTIC service you provided.
    Thought my 15 year old KEF PSW2000 had had its day?
    You kept me very well informed with every step by email, thank you.
    Received it back today and it is now working as good as new!
    You even sent the old parts you replaced in a bag, cheers.
    If anyone needs a KEF Repair these are the guys to trust with your system..
    Like New Once again .
    Thank You!!!

  57. William says:

    I have loved my KEF eggs and the PSW2010 powered sub and was pretty gutted when KEF didn’t reply to my request for assistance when the sub started buzzing. My local KEF agent simply said it was not fixable and a like for like replacement was £600. I found this service and it was simple, efficient and very affordable. I’m in Northern Ireland so simply sending it over getting it repaired and upgraded to ensure common other issues are unlikely to occur. I then got it returned and it is working perfectly again.

  58. Dean Bann says:

    As Kef no longer supports repairs for the PSW 2010, I was resigned to having to use my KHT 2005.5 system without a sub as an upgrade cost is not possible at the moment. I came across this website with a little searching and was very pleased to find out that I was only an hour drive away.
    The sub was repaired in 2 days and is now working perfectly with my surround sound system, no dramas, not expensive and with excellent communication…….
    I would definitely recommend this service to anyone!

  59. Graeme Evans says:

    I would thoroughly recommend this service. My KEF PSW2000 sub was repaired and upgraded for a very reasonable price. This chap keeps you notified of progress by e-mail throughout. You won’t find a service like this anywhere else.
    Thank you

  60. Alex says:

    Just wanted to say a massive thanks. My psw2010 was incorrectly left ‘switched on’ for many years, resulting in overheating and component failure.
    I found this service by chance, and was extremely happy from beginning to end – communication and service was excellent.
    Thanks again – I’m off to listen to my system!!

  61. Ian says:

    Our Kef PSW2010 made a loud pop. It continued to work, but was obviously not very well with some bulging capacitors and signs of components overheating. I looked at replacing some of the parts myself, however I was swayed by the list of modifications that would extend the service life of the sub.

    I’m really happy with the service received. The amp has had a full overhaul and a raft of improvements. All the old components were returned and I can see how many changes were made. Although I’m handy with a soldering iron, I would not have been able to test the results. The price charged was very fair considering the amount of effort and the cost of the high-grade components.

    The service was prompt and communication was excellent. Would recommend!

  62. Richard says:

    Brilliant service, was really pleased with the level of communication throughout, help with couriers, and updates throughout the process. On return of my Amp I was also impressed to see a return of all old parts removed, as well as good instructions for proper setup of the amp. I have been extremely pleased throughout and have to say the Amp sounds great now its fixed. Many thanks.

  63. Nick says:

    Excellent serivice, very well communicated throughout the process, and it works a treat.

  64. Alan Saleh says:

    Brilliant service and repair on my PSW2000 sub. Mr Monev went beyond the call of duty. Once my sub was fixed he helped me deal with a problem with my chosen courier in collecting my amp. Partly my fault but I much appreciated his assistance in resolving the matter. All goes to show what a great service I received. Thank You.

  65. Neil BT says:

    Great service and good price, very helpful throughout. I would recommend to others.

  66. Jeff says:

    Many thanks for a first class repair, one week turnaround, fantastic communication with all questions answered.
    Would recommend, cost was £45 plus postage both ways
    Cost was £67 all in, a lot cheaper than a new sub
    Can’t wait to annoy the Neighbours now i’m back up and running
    great job

  67. David Lee says:

    Many thanks for the repair to my PSW2010 sub-woofer amplifier board. The sub is now working perfectly and integrates seamlessly with the satellite speakers (thank you to the KEF design engineers). It’s very good to get further life out of a useful piece of kit.

    Thank you for good communications about the original problem and through the repair period. I am delighted and grateful for your help – nothing better than someone who knows a product really well and can sort out the problems. Highly recommended.

  68. Mark Mcintosh says:

    Just to let you know that the amp is working fine. Put it all back together & its as good as new!
    Thank you for fixing the problem.

  69. Sam Coleman says:

    Thankyou very much for the quick turnaround of my subwoofer repair for an excellent price. No more popping and took your advice to switch it off at the mains each time.

  70. Tony Raper says:

    Got my sub returned really fast and working better than ever
    Super quick turnaround and really helpful coms and advice
    Would recommend anytime

  71. Ken Palmer says:

    My elderly PSW2010 subwoofer died, when I managed to break the line in/out module away from the body of the amplifier. But a week after chancing on this website, my PSW2010 is sounding as good as new. The line input is mended and various components have been upgraded to ensure a much longer life, all for a small fraction of the cost of a replacement speaker. It was a pleasure to deal with this company and I highly recommend them.

  72. Alan Brown says:

    Received amp today. Sounds good thx for excellent service. Recommended.

  73. Jason says:

    All, if your looking for a repair to any of your audio equipment, this is the place to send it. Excellent
    Comms, professional business approach backed by a wealth of in depth knowledge. I highly recommended there services to all, very business focused along with customer satisfaction, rapid repair, return and value for money!

  74. Mar says:

    Great service… fast, reliable… exactly what I hoped for… I would definitely use again…!!

    Delighted with the result…

  75. Ian says:

    Thanks – really pleased with the service, extensive knowledge and help and the great repair! Definitely recommend!

  76. Donald Best says:

    It’s always nice to deal with someone with expert knowledge, who not only does a fine repair (upgrade) but is able to impart information superior to that one would find in the manufacturers manual. I feel that I’m now better able to maintain the longevity of my subwoofer by what I now know, in addressing a number of original shortcomings by Kef. Although a guarantee can never be given because of design issues, I’ve been assured that l will be given further attention, should this be needed. Contact details will remain on my file, for sure.

  77. Gary says:

    Thanks for the speedy KEF Sub repair & service, it was all so well communicated & done, now we can shake the windows again. Wouldnt hesitate in using the service again. Thanks

  78. Richard says:

    Great friendly service and excellent work carried out to repair amp. Thank you.

  79. Rod Taylor says:

    Excellent service at a very reasonable cost and first class communication. Thank you.

  80. John Payne says:

    Excellent repair service of my PSW2000 sub. Great communication and a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to deal with again. Reccomended.

  81. Jonathan says:

    Great service. Helpful website,easy to transact with and the repair did the job. Thank you.

  82. Ryan says:

    Got the sub back and it sounds amazing.
    Thank you so much.

  83. Rob says:

    Over the moon with speed of service. Many Thanks.

  84. B.W. says:

    Just a note to say received amp and its working perfectly ,,,thank you for carrying out the repairs , my system is sounding great again .Delighted

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