Cold Weather Information

In cold Weather it is VERY important for all Electrical Items to warm up FULLY before use.

Open the Box, unpack the item, inspect it and place it in a Warm Room and leave it alone.

Allow a MINIMIUM of 12 Hours before use!

THE REASON WHY? When you unpack the items they will be cold, and when placed in warm room (even slightly warmer), Condensation will occur inside the item. Moreover, sensitive electronic components inside need to reach normal room temperature for safe operation. Most domestic electrical appliances are designed to work at temperatures over 18 degrees Celsius and using them at lower temperature can cause permanent failure.

Condensation & Electrical Items do NOT mix.

Once at Normal Room Temperature, the item you have purchased will work as intended.

Failure to follow these Instructions could cause an Electrical Shock Hazard & Damage to the item.

Be Patient, Wait, Let It Warm Up Before Use.