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How to Check the Speaker

That part is important, as you wouldn’t want to have the amp fixed, just to find out that the speaker is gone. It’s very easy to do a quick test. Just grab one of the batteries of your TV or Sky Box remote (1.5V AA or AAA battery), and very briefly touch both speaker cables to the battery terminals a few times (do not hold them for long). If the speaker is OK you’ll hear popping noise from it – it’s OK to send us the amplifier.

Please note this will not test the full functionality of your speaker, but in most cases it will be enough to confirm the speaker is OK.

If not, don’t panic, try another battery first as it could be just a bad battery. If no success again and you’re sure the battery is OK, most likely the speaker is gone. Seek help from a friend who has measuring tool (ohmmeter) to confirm again. Unfortunately it will probably be too expensive to repair, as you will need a new speaker. You might want to check if we have pre-owned subwoofer for sale at our Used Subs page.

Gently push the cone down (do not push in the center) – movement should be smooth with no scratching.