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Removing Amplifier Plate

Here you can find more detailed information on removing the amplifier plate for the different KEF subwoofer models as follows:

KEF PSW1000/1000.2, PSW2000, PSW2010, PSW2500

1. Unscrew the 8 screws marked on the photo below.

2. Disconnect the two speaker cables from the board inside. Speaker is connected via two spade connectors, the photo below shows the easiest position to turn the amplifier plate after you removed the screws. Start by lifting the bottom side as shown and drop the top left corner in, turning the plate to the left side. Be careful, leads inside are rather short. Best approach is to use small pliers as shown holding the end of the spade connector.

WARNING: DO NOT pull by the wires, however tempting that may seem!

KEF Kube-1 MK1/MK2, Kube-2

Kube-1* – Refer to the photos below to identify which version of Kube-1 you have.

1. Undo the screws circled in RED, according to your model. Do NOT undo the screws marked in yellow (yet).

For Kube-1 MK1

For Kube-1 MK2 and Kube-2

2. Carefully pull up (try not to pull by the knobs). The amplifier will come out with the back box it’s contained into. That’s the safest way to send, as it protects the internal electronics.

In some cases the speaker may be mounted as such, that access to it’s terminals is not directly possible as shown. That’s particularly true with Kube-1 subwoofers. If you can not safely access the speaker driver terminals to undo the spade connectors, remove the screws marked in yellow according to your model and separate the amplifier plate form the back box, disconnecting the speaker connector on the inside. Usually that connector would have some glue over it, to prevent it loosen up from vibrations, so carefully pry the glue off as needed and undo the connector.