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Using your Upgraded Amplifier

Post Repair Advice

Following is some common sense from technical point of view advice on using your sub-woofer or any other audio amplifier in that matter. Some of it may be obvious, some not so, but having these simple steps in mind would put less stress on your amplifier and ultimately result in better reliability.

    1. Never connect/disconnect signal cables to your amplifier while powered (valid for units on both ends of the cable).
    2. On power ON/OFF make sure you stop the signal to the amplifier first, i.e. when power up, don’t have your source signal running already, so when the amplifier starts, it immediately outputs high power to the speaker. And vice versa, when powering down, don’t cut the power while it plays on high volume – turn the volume down first, or better, completely stop the source signal.
    3. Do not power the amplifier up again immediately after power down – particularly important for PSW-series sub-woofers. Give it a minute after power down to self discharge the stored inside energy, as otherwise it may not start properly.
    4. As always advisable, always turn off from the mains switch when not in use – again particularly important for PSW-series sub-woofers, due to not having real stand-by feature.¬†Keep the mode switch on the back to ‘Manual’ and switch off. Just a few ideas how you can automate/semi-automate this process using one of the devices linked from Amazon below.

Plain text links Amazon/eBay (if you can’t see the below):

Energy Saver Powerdown Surge Protection or Find it on eBay

Intelliplug – Desktop Version or Find it on eBay
(this one I’ve found to work best in most scenarios)

ANSMANN AES-1 Zero Watt Energy Saving Timer Plug Socket or Find it on eBay

Energenie Variable Run Down Timer or Find it on eBay

Energenie Remote Control Sockets or Find it on eBay

*As an Amazon/eBay Associate I earn from qualifying purchases, which will not cost anything additional to you.